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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is there is anything I need to provide for the painter/s?

A: We really just need a well lit area which is protected from the weather be it sunny or wet.


Q: If I book a party with you, who will show up?

A: It will be either Naomi or Cara who will generally show up to a party. If you have a preference for a particular painter please feel free to mention that when you contact us and we will be happy to let you know their availability.


Q: What sort of paints do you use?

A: We will only ever use professional face paints on anyone we paint. The paints we use are Kryolan and Tag, they are non-toxic and water based. If you have any concerns regarding allergies or sensitive skin please let the painter know and they can do a patch test.


Q:How do I make a booking?

A: Just contact us by either, phone, email or message us on Facebook to enquire about a booking. We will ask you the details of the party and subject to availablity the booking is made.


Q: How far in advance should I make my booking?

A: Ideally, you should at least enquire about the date as soon as you have one so that we can at least pencil it into our diary. If you make a tentative booking when you are still unsure of details we can contact you if we have another enquiry regarding the same date before we accept another booking.


Q: What if it turns out that more people want to be painted than the number I gave when making the booking?

A: This depends on how it fits into the time period booked. The time it takes to paint different faces can vary widely, if we have time left within your booking then the number of people is no problem. However, if the booking was for 2hrs and towards the end of that there are other people who want to be painted we require the organiser to make the decision to either extend the booking time in 30 min increments (if the painter is available to do so) or to inform the guests that the painter is finished.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please Note

We clean our kit fully between jobs. We practice good hygiene at all times and take pride in everything we do.


We change our brush water frequently.


We carry $30m Public and Product Liablity insurance.


We will call or message to confirm the details of the booking the day before the event. If any details have changed, please either let us know then or as soon as you are aware of the changes.


We ask that all children have permission to have their face painted from their parent/carer. The party orgainiser will be repsonsible for this.


We will use a baby wipe to clean dirt or food from the child's face before painting.


We do not supervise children or take children to the toilet.


We will not paint unwilling children. We will offer to paint something on their hand or arm but if a child chooses not to be painted we respect this.


We reserve the right to refuse to paint anyone who appears abusive, violent or intoxicated.









We would like to acknowledge the many face painters whose work we admire, and who act as a constant source of inspiration. Whilst some of our designs are original we do acknowledge that many are our interpretations of faces designed by those wonderful painters who have led the way and who have created wonderful designs. 

Particular nods to Lisa Joy Young, Lex Fleming who inspire us regularly. 

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