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Cooper's Party

Sun 1st Nov

Cara had a great time out at Tully Park painting faces at Cooper's party. Happy Birthday Cooper!


Goulburn Race Club's Kids Day

Sun 1st Nov

Rainbow Faces loved being back out at the Goulburn Races for Kids Day again this year. Lots of familiar faces and some new ones. Everyone having a great time. 

Emily's Halloween Party

Sat 31st Oct

Naomi had an amazing time painting faces at Emiliy's Halloween Party. Everyone was right into the spirit of the night and were wanting them most wonderful designs. Too much fun!!!! Enormous Thanks to Emily for letting Rainbow Faces in on the fun. 


Halloween face painting with Cara

Sat 31st Oct

Cara managed to fit in some drive-by Halloween painting after Fair Day. Some very happy people ended up looking pretty scary when she was finished. 

Halloween face painting with Naomi

Sat 31st Oct

Naomi was lucky enough to be able to set up in at Imagine More Arts and Craft again this year, for some Halloween face painting. Had a great time painting some really 'out there' designs that people had chosen. Great big thanks to Melissa for having us there again this year, and to everyone who came along to be painted. Hope you had a great Halloween. 


Fair Day - Canberra

Sat 31st Oct

Tracey, Cara and Emmi roadtripped it over to Canberra for the Aids Action Councils Fair Day. They had a fantastic time face painting and balloon twisting for the enormous crowds. Can't wait for next year!

Halloween at Bunnings Goulburn

Sat 31st Oct

Halloween started early at Bunnings Goulburn... Naomi had a great time painting some mad Halloween designs on youngsters who came in. Thanks Erin, for having us there to join in the fun.. 

Caroline Chisholm School Fete

Fri 30th Oct

Tracey and Naomi had a ball, bending brilliant balloons and fabricating fabulous face and body paintings. We met lots and lots of lovely people and worked into the night. We'll look forward to next time. 

Halloween Family Fun Night - Bunnings Mittagong

Thurs 29th Oct

Cara roadtripped it over to Mittagong, for Bunnings' Halloween Family Fun Night... and lot's of fun it was. Photos hopefully to come.

Chelsea's Party

Sun 25th Oct

Naomi had a lovely timeface painting at Chelsea's party. It was wonderul chilling in the yard, in the shade of the jumping castle and brightening kid's faces. Thanks for having us there. 

Evatt Public School Fete

Sun 25th Oct

Cara had an amazing time at the Evatt Public School Fete. Lovely people, spectacular faces.. all in all and brilliant day. 


Adit's Party

Sat 24th Oct

We had fun in the sun, at Adit's birthday party. What a great day for a party, and with loads of smiles, and good times it was a blast. Happy Birthday again Adit. 

Hayley's Party

Sat 24th Oct

Cara had a delightful time painting faces at Hayley's birthday party. Thanks again for inviting Rainbow Faces to be there. 

Ella's Party

Sat 24th Oct

Ella and her friends rocked the party scene at North Maccas. Naomi had a wonderful time painting faces of kids and 'kids at heart', Thanks for inviting us again this year Presilla.

Relay For Life

Sat 24th Oct

Rainbow Faces were delighted to be back at Relay for Life - Goulburn, this year. Always a fabulous event and this year's was no exception. We are grateful to everyone who came and had their face painted or grabbed a balloon. 

Shellharbour Spring Fair

Sun 18th Oct

On the road again.... over to Shellharbour this time. The Shellharbour Spring Fair was amazing. Naomi had a wonderful time painting faces for many, many young people. Thanks for having us there.. we'll look forward to the next one. 

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Jaida's Party

Sat 17th Oct

Emmi and Naomi were at Jaida's party to thrill the guests with fab face painting and bogus balloon art. Thanks for having us there... great day!!


Party for Montana & Indiana

Sat 17th Oct

Cara hit the road, heading over to Picton for Montana and Indiana's joint birthday party. Happy Birthday girls!! Hope you had a great day too!


Support the Chopper - Snowy Hydro Fundraiser

Sat 17th Oct

Rainbow Faces were so happy to be involved with the Support The  Chopper Fundraiser in Belmore Park.  Thanks to all those who came along to give to such a wonderful cause. 

Briley's Party

Sun 11th Oct

Cara had a great time painting faces a Briley's Party. Loads of fun and good times. Happy Birthday Briley. 

William's 5th Birthday

Sat 10th Oct

Naomi enjoyed helping out with the celebration of William's birthday. There was a great reptile vibe at Will's party. Happy Birthday William. 

Camp Quality Fundraiser - Highlands Property

Sat 10th Oct

Naomi and Tracey had a wonderful time with the happy crew from Highlands Property, raising funds for the local Camp Quality Escarpade entrants. Thanks to everyone who turned out to have cars washed, buy tasty treats, and have their faces painted and or get one of Trace's balloon delights. 

Home and Garden Show - Bowral

Sat 10th & Sun 11th Oct

We were thrillled to be invited along the the Home and Garden Show Bowral, by Bunnings - Mittagong. We had fantastic time painting loads of young home and garden enthusiasts. 

Grace's 5th Birthday

Sun 4th Oct

A great big Happy Birthday to Grace, we were happy to be there to face paint you and your friends. Thanks for inviting Rainbow Faces to come along and help with the celebrations. 

Grace's 1st Birthday

Sun 4th Oct

'A great big Happy Birthday to Grace, we were happy to be there to face paint you and your friends. Thanks for inviting Rainbow Faces to come along and help with the celebrations.

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